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Thus, you will spend an entire week in the beautiful city of Munich. This offer is surely a not-to-miss. Search for and boo February 28, Leonie Airfare deals No Comments. We have found a great deal for Germany for this spring. The flight is operated by Thy Turkish Airlines, departing on April 2, and returning a week later, on April 9, Spend an amazing week in the wonderful European country, Germany and make a great travel experience! I recommend you to make a booking as soon as The city is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In order to help you find the best sights in the city, I present you the following guide. Bonn is one of the oldest cities of Germany. Today it is the second official residence of the President of Germany. Located on the Rhine River, the city is one of the most beautiful in Germany. It is a popular tourist destination, being home to numerous tourist attractions, including the Poppelsdorf Palace, Bonn Minster, the Old City Hall, Godesburg Fortress, numerous museums, further architectural jewels and open spaces.

Bonn is also famous for being the birthplace of the world renowned com It lies north to the Bavarian Alps, on the River Isar. Munich is home to innumerable visitor attractions, many national and international authorities, major universities, interesting museums and great theaters. Its numerous architectural attractions, exhibitions, conferences, sports events and the world famous Oktoberfest combine to attract considerable numbers of tourists yearly As one of the most attractive German cities, Cologne is a fantastic place to visit. It is most famous for its breathtaking cathedral, one of the most visited sights in Germany.

Besides the wonderful and immense Gothic cathedral, Cologne is home to other sights, too. Other visitor attractions include medieval houses, bridges, modern buildings, museums and so on.

Henk Bekker (Author of Adventure Guide to Germany (Adventure Guides Series))

In some of the previous guides I have already presented you the beautiful G As the second largest city of Germany, Hamburg is a popular tourist destination, dragging numerous visitors each year. The beautiful city of Hamburg lies in the northern part of the country, being an important port on the River Elbe. It's a wonderful tribute to the bridges of London. I first started watching Rick Steves 10 years ago when I happened across one of his television programs featuring Germany. I was fascinated by his thorough knowledge of the country and the particular section of Germany he was talking about.

I've been a fan of Rick every since, and try to watch his many shows. He has released a new set of travel DVDs that include 80 different shows with 40 hours of programming. The DVD also includes a travel skills segment in which Rick gives tips on how to travel smart and safe, but on a budget, through Europe. That means he'll show you how to experience Europe in a way that will not cost you a fortune, but will bring you a lifetime of vivid rememberances in spots not usually visited.

Last, Rick enters the political arena, telling viewers how his European travels have helped shape his views of Europe, America and the world.

In the travel DVDs, Rick presents his travel shows that were seen on television; I've seen many of them as well on the tube, but to have them accessible when you want them is a big plus. Let's say you've decided to go to Italy and you need to narrow your travel choices where to spend your time there. Rick presents 13 episodes of Italy—seven on Italy's cities, and six on Italy's countryside. With any European trip fairly costly, Rick's DVD travel tips are an economical way to make your travel decisions right from home. In his half hour shows, Rick travels to a variety of locations, with emphasis on food, art, people, hotels, transportation possibilities, costs and safety.

He's a laid-back type of guy who is easy to like: sometimes he can be quite funny, and at all times he's informative and easy to listen to. Short clips of him during the programs show him eating in a cozy European restaurant, talking to the owners of a hotel where he's staying for the night, chatting with a guide who adds more specific information about a location, or maybe riding a bicycle through Holland.

When Rick wants to broaden an aspect of a place or attraction, he'll interview the owner, or he'll spend more time at a location, allowing his audience to soak in the ambiance of a place. Rick keeps his comments brief, but to the point, so that by the end of the minute program, you feel like you have a general knowledge of an area or a country. That takes a lot of groundwork ahead of time by him and his crew. Besides the great photography and camera angles his film crew finds, slow or faster background music as needed keeps pace and enlivens the script, adding to the overall experience.

When he takes his viewers to see the Basilica of St.

Best Things to Do in Munich - Restaurants, Sightseeing, and More

Francis of Assisi, he and his camera give viewers a thorough tour of the chapel and feature its important chambers and levels, including its beautiful 13th century frescos. The combination of script, music and photography give viewers a lasting impression of this most-visited pilgrimage place. At the end of each DVD, humorous outtakes leave the viewer laughing. I'm Rick Steves I know I'll be there. He should know; he's one of America's foremost European travel experts.

Rick is your teacher and guide. In Part Two, Rick breaks down the different countries and what you can expect from each area of Europe and major cities, and what you might see there. A nice color map opens the book, as does Rick's Travel Philosophy, which boils down to this: you don't need to spend a lot of money on a trip to Europe and you can still have fun, and you'll learn a lot by going there, so do it.

The book's text, some of it in the first person Rick , is written in easy-to-read language, with lots of accompanying charts, pictures and additional subhead stories that cover a multitude of travel areas. Rick's rich history with Europe has gone before you to take the kinks out of your journey. Pilgrimages of Europe is a series of minute DVDs that explore the journeys that pilgrims make to sacred places throughout Europe, and the reasons behind these journeys.

Europe is known for hundreds of thousands of people making long and arduous trips to visit various churches, cathedrals and sacred locations once or even several times a year. As many as 1, people each year visit Kevelare, where a wayside chapel stands that is said to be holy. Hendrik Busman, a merchant, heard mysterious voices in asking him to build this chapel, and the same day it was completed, the first pilgrims arrived to worship there. In Bosnia, pilgrims from every corner of the globe visit this small village because it is said the Virgin Mary appeared before two young girls in Later six youngsters also saw the vision.

He did, and lived, and today Saint Patrick remains Ireland's patron saint. In Iona, a quiet island off the western coast of Scotland, pilgrimages are made to study Christianity amidst the peace of this small island. The pilgrims are filmed as they march or ride toward their sacred locations, and many are interviewed about why they are there. These are interesting insights into this phenomenon. Distributed by Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

Both books are small enough to fit in your hand easily, and thus they are great for flipping through the for the Italian and plus pages for the Spanish. Both guides point out that they are designed for the two languages as they are spoken today; this means it's better to use these up-to-date guides than rely on one 15 years old. Languages change, and its a good idea to stay in tune with modern word useage. The Italian guide defines 55, words and phrases and offers 80, translations of Italian words.

Top Munich Day Trips

The book is divided into English-to-Italian and Italian-to-English phrases; the same is true of the Spanish pocket guide. The guides include many proper names and abbreviations, as well as a selection of the most common terms from computing, business and current affairs. As with any language you're trying to learn, you'll want to travel to the country of that language to get the correct pronunciation.

When you go, take along these pocket guides and use them often. Globe Pequot Press, www. This 7 x 9" full-color volume truly lives up to its title's assertion of being the "ultimate guide" to Scotland, and any traveler considering a hop across the pond to the United Kingdom would be well-advised to organize an itinerary with this book's suggestions in mind.

Publisher Description

The book offers a comprehensive look into Scotland's 14 regions, as distinguished by Scotland's Tourist Board, and illustrated in the guide's first pages. In addition to the listings of popular sights and destinations, it provides a brief, yet thorough, introduction to the cosmopolitan centers and countrysides of Scotland, which are enhanced by numerous photos and maps sprinkled throughout the volume.

It is well-organized, colorful and easy to read, with each destination's entry comprised of a few sentences about the site, its hours of operation, price for admission and a panoply of visual markers categorizing the destination e. The entries also offer a reference number corresponding with the site's location on the book's accompanying maps for easier planning.

  • Handbook of Nutrition and Food.
  • The Fire, the Star and the Cross: Minority Religions in Medieval and Early Modern Iran (International Library of Iranian Studies);
  • The Alps Adventure Guide (Adventure Guides).
  • Tour Operators in Munich.

The book also includes information on some of the region's most popular events for travelers, including the Highland Games and the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival. Travelers who choose to use this volume for a trip, however, should make sure to pick up a separate guide for hotel and restaurant recommendations, as The Scotland Visitor Guide's emphasis is only on the timeless features of the country and does not offer tips on hotels or dining.

Margaret Luther. Don't let yourself be intimidated by the daunting title: this travel guide offers adventure for all travelers. To help adventurers gauge the difficulty of the suggested routes, the author offers a five-star rating category measuring the skill level, physical and psychological difficulties of the trip e. The book's suggestions lean towards hiking and walking tours, which can lend themselves to a casual adventure experience, and most of the skills required for hiking, boating, etc.

Each destination has around three full-color pages covering the history of the site, tips on conquering its challenge, and details on local guides, travel information and suggestions for further reading. The book also offers an easy to read chart of the months that lend themselves to adventure in each destination.

This 5 x 8" volume is an all-encompassing guide to Austria, from its Baroque city centers to the snow-laden Alps. It offers information for all aspects of travel, from hotel rooms to restaurants, museums to ski resorts, as well as a handy index of history of the region and German phrases for the strictly English-language traveler, its text also offers sporadic advice, such as how to find the BBC radio station in Vienna. The book is organized by city, and the text-heavy pages feature black and white photography of some iconic images of Austria.

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Each chapter provides a number of maps in varying levels of detail, and numerous sidebars of history or sites of special interest. Within those city-by-city chapters, its descriptions are organized by neighborhoods, with separate sections for accommodations and eating. Some travelers might find the hotel section confusing, as its entries are organized alphabetically, rather than by price range or neighborhood, and the hotel's price range is expressed by a number system that is found in the introduction to the book but is not found near the listings themselves.

Nonetheless, its coverage of the cities is absolutely meticulous, including information on dance clubs, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bike rentals, and the uniquely Austrian "Kaffeehaus," or coffeehouse, an remnant from the Turkish siege of Vienna in It also offers a "29 Things Not to Miss," to give travelers a jumping off point for their Austrian travels. The name Arthur Frommer has been synonymous with travel for decades; this latest book from the original guru of European budget travel is a compilation of travel advice, distilled into one frank and interesting volume.