Fluoride Glass Fiber Optics

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Jinguji , S. Mitachi , T.

Kanamori , T. Preparation of lowloss fluoride glass fibre. Fluoride glasses for IR transmitting fibers Robert J. Ginther , Danh C. Preparation of fluoride optical fibres for transmission in the mid - infrared.

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Miyashita , T. Preparation of multicomponent fluoride glass fibers by single crucible technique. Thus, although heavy metal fluoride glasses HMFG exhibit very low optical attenuation, they are not only difficult to manufacture, but are quite fragile, and have poor resistance to moisture and other environmental attacks.

Such low losses were never realized in practice, and the fragility and high cost of fluoride fibers made them less than ideal as primary candidates. Later, the utility of fluoride fibers for various other applications was discovered.

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These applications include mid-IR spectroscopy, fiber-optic sensors, thermometry, and imaging. Also, fluoride fibers can be used for guided lightwave transmission in media such as YAG Yttrium aluminium garnet lasers at 2. An example of a heavy metal fluoride glass is the ZBLAN glass group, composed of zirconium, barium, lanthanum, aluminum, and sodium fluorides.

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These materials' main technological application is as optical waveguides in planar and fibre form. Some fluoride glasses are difficult to produce on Earth due to their rapid crystallization. The crystallization is slower in microgravity conditions due to reduced convection effects. Fluoride glass may also mean an oxide optical glass doped with zirconium tetrafluoride.

A mix of fluoride glass and phosphate glass is fluorophosphate glass. Close Figure Viewer.


Fluoride Fibers

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Fluoride Glass Optical Fibers in France

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